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We cannot deny the covid lockdown was very

We cannot deny the covid lockdown was very

Ella Muzak

challenging for all of us and still is, especially for performing artists who make their living performing on a live stage. It is also very difficult on children and their mental health, restricted from interacting with their playmates and school friends. I had the pleasure of meeting with a well-known talented musician in the Toronto area Peter Mathers who recently wrote a series of chapters for a children’s book during these precedented times and is presently seeking a publisher for the work. This book was written with the intention of comedic stimulation as well as exposure to more sophisticated forms of culture and knowledge and serves as a means for more parent/ child relationship time which is something to be valued at a time such as this. Peter believes that like himself, exposure to more higher forms of music and art can open a doorway of curiosity and transformation that serves as a type of mental medication in these troubled times. In a nutshell the book centers around a classical performing Arts trio that includes three dogs that develop incredible musical skills through pavlovian conditioning hence the title the pavlovian trio.Pavlov was a psychologist who did extensive animal research and discovered a method that enhanced animals learning speeds and retention . Children love animals and reading about some that can speak fluently and perform at an extremely high level offers intrigue and interest. I have included a short excerptr for your delight  from” The Adventures of Mozart and Yoko’ perhaps you can read it to your children and who
knows where that might lead.


When the Queen of England read the cover of the London Times “Palovian trio and surrealist lift leg to French monument” she immediately responded by informing her aid to request a command performance of the trio at Buckingham palace ,to make sure their London performance was not left to as she put it” the reckless sensationalism of an independent publicist”. The last thing she wanted was another group of renegade artists making lewd influential gestures to England’s upper class. When Sonia was approached with the request that said “spare no expenses” she immediately accepted ,noting this would be their most extravagant production ever. As the trio and Sonia arrived at Heathrow airport in the Queens private jet they were met with a red carpet and a 20 horn ensemble playing Purcells Trumpet Voluntary, even the BBC was there covering the arrival as the whole concert production was to be broadcast live. As they were whisked away in the Queen’s private limousine they were informed they would be dining with the queen and a host of British celebrities.. Sean Connery, Mick Jagger ,Sarah Brightman, and Austin Powers to name a few .As the production of the concert was to be quite elaborate they would need one week to prepare and the production manager from the BBC would give them the rundown at this evening’s cocktail party.  

They had even scheduled a profile linguist to ensure Yoko’s diction was “proper”in some of the selections. The dinner party was a success and the trio was even knighted just to make sure they were all on the same team and Mozart and Yoko became the first animals to receive such a royal bestowment .The whole production was completely out of their hands and they all felt a little like puppets for the upper classes publicity agenda. The concert was to be a historical lexicon of English composers and was the epitome of formality. The opening piece featured Yoko joined by members of The King’s College Circle singers performing a 16th century motet  “Andivi Vocem Di Carlo” by England’s Thomas Tallis . This was followed by Thomas Morley’s trite Renaissance ditty “It was a lover and his lass” accompanied on the English lute by Austin Powers dressed as a court jester .Yoko was then joined on stage by Nora and Mozart who created a huge gasp in the audience as he passed in front of the queen and lifted his leg but quickly lowered it as Nora’s eyes met his mischievous eyes. They proceeded to perform an intoxicating arrangement of sections of Handel’s Messiah joined by Sarah Brightman who after completion of the work gave Yoko and enthusiastic “Woof Woof”. The trio went on to perform Mendelson’s “A Midsummer night’s dream” joined by Kenneth Brannigan reciting a lengthy sonnet all the while Nora staring down at Mozart as boredom made his leg lift three or four times. The concert then skipped a century or so and included the proms orchestra featuring Mozart in an arrangement of Gustav Holsts “Mars’ from the planets with Mozart’s paws blazing like an alien warrior. 

The finale of the concert featured Vaughan Williams mystical outpouring “Mask for Dancing” based on William Blake’s drawings enhanced by a brilliant choreography care of the cast of The Royal Ballet .The entire palace rose in standing ovation which then brought on Mick Jagger who did a rendition of “Satisfaction “with the trio which elicited another ovation and as the queen stood nervously applauding Mozart noticed a small yellow puddle on the floor by her feet and as he smirked he thought there is nothing more satisfying than releasing a primal urge no matter what your class and suddenly he looked at the Queen’s six corgis and they all let out a huge  “HRUMPH” 


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