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Victim of torture and rape in prison dies

Victim of torture and rape in prison dies

Kurdish political prisoner Garibe Gezer has died in High Security Prison in Kandıra. The prison management claimed that she committed suicide.

Detained since 2016, Kurdish political prisoner Garibe Gezer is reported to have lost her life. The management of the High Security Prison No. 1 in Kandıra informed the family about the death, claiming that Gezer had taken her own life.

Lawyer and co-chair of the Human Rights Association (IHD), Eren Keskin wrote on Twitter that they had been informed of “Gezer’s suicide”. Keskin asked “how can an inmate in solitary confinement in a cell commit suicide?” She added that lawyers were on their way to the prison to take care of the process.  

According to a HDP Women’s Parliamentary Initiative report in October 2021, Gezer was held in solitary confinement for 22 days after her transfer. Gezer protested against this action and was then to be forcibly taken to a “padded cell.” On May 24, male and female guards entered her cell and beat Gezer. While female prison guards held her arms, the men kicked her in the back with boots. The act of violence continued for several minutes.

“Her clothes were torn off and she was dragged half-naked through the men’s area. She was then thrown into a completely isolated, 24-hour camera-monitored ‘padded cell’. In this room, she experienced sexual violence at the hands of prison guards,” the report said.

Due to the sexual violence, Gezer attempted to take her own life, according to the HDP report which read; “Gezer was mistreated in the infirmary. Medical treatment was not forthcoming. After these traumatic events, Gezer was locked in a solitary cell. On June 7, she attempted to set her cell on fire and was again thrown into the ‘padded cell’ for 24 hours. In a conversation with her family, she reported that she had received a five-day solitary punishment and that further disciplinary proceedings were underway against her. Some of Gezer’s letters are censored, and some letters are not forwarded at all. Although these complaints and allegations have been known for some time, no investigation has been launched by the prosecutor’s office and no action has been taken against those responsible.”

Women take coffin of Garibe Gezer from morgue

The body of Garibe Gezer, who died suspiciously in prison, was taken from the morgue by the women with the slogan “martyr namirin” (martyrs never die).

Garibe Gezer cenazesi

The body of Garibe Gezer, who died suspiciously in Kandıra No. 1 F Type Prison, where she was systematically tortured and raped, was taken by women from the Kocaeli State Hospital morgue.

The group of women, including Mothers of Peace, Free Women’s Movement (TJA), Association for Assistance with Detained and Convicted Families (TUHAY DER), Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) women executives and many women’s organizations, went to Kocaeli State Hospital. Women shouldered Gezer’s coffin.

The women took Gezer’s body from the morgue with the slogan of “martyr namirin” (martyrs never die). The police tried to provoke women. However, the group continued to shout slogans until the front of the hospital. Gezer’s body was on the way to be brought to Istanbul Airport. Gezer’s body will be sent from here in the afternoon to her hometown, Dargeçit in the province of Mardin.



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