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Umit Tuysuz

A group of toronto Kurds celebrated the May 1 Labor Day with enthusiasm. As many as a hundred people participated in the parade set as the starting point Yonge and Bloor.

After the press release was read, about 100 toronto people walked up to the dundass square with flags and flames. The demonstrations, accompanied by Kurdish revolutionary music and slogans, were also protested against Turkey’s pressure on HDP.

Activists also chanted anti-Erdogan and anti-fascist slogans in Dundas square for a while, and after a second press release, the demonstrations ended with Kurdish music.

Community for sara free da saraye press release :
COMMUNITY4 INFOR Sara Free da Saraye CAPITALISM IS KILLING; SOCIALISM AGAIN! LONG LIVE MAY 1 1992 This year, once again, we welcome May 1 in the shadow of the pandemic. While the pandemic very clearly revealed the value that capitalism assigns to the health system and human life, it has made its limitations, deficiencies, and contradictions visible in many places, especially in European countries. It has been clearly seen once again that capitalism is not the solution to any of humanity’s troubles, on the contrary, it kills humanity by constantly producing problems. However, the imperialists are trying to cover up this reality with a series of “new” methods, regain strength and maintain their exploitative order. On the one hand, they are forcing the conditions of transition to a new production process in which heavy robots will be used with the application of “Industry 4.0”, on the other hand, they are installing oppressive, authoritarian, and even fascist administrations in order to suppress the waves coming from the grassroots and to keep control across the globe.

The working class and laborers should not pay for the crisis of capitalism Employers are trying to take away the rights of workers and laborers, earned at a high price, under the pretext of a pandemic. Working conditions are getting worse for the benefit of capitalists’ profits rather than human life. Working hours are increased, wages are lowered, flexible working is popularized. Unionization and the right to strike are being usurped, retirees are condemned to poverty while the retirement age is raised. While unemployment, poverty, and the cost of living are increasing, there are no wage increases in collective agreements. Gender discrimination created by patriarchy in all areas of life has affected women and the LGBTI+ community during the pandemic due to the invisibility of women’s labor. Domestic violence and the killing of women were increased despite the Istanbul Convention, while abolished in Turkey, is not properly implemented in Europe.

During the pandemic, while the limited working opportunities of university students have completely disappeared, the obligation to pay university fees has endangered the right to education and the future of the youth. With the digital world that entered all areas of life, children’s suicides increased when children’s social lives were constrained. Refugees are kept in unhygienic environments under pandemic conditions, subjected to inhumane treatment, and are mostly refused asylum requests and forcibly returned to their countries of origin. As in all of capitalism’s crisis periods, the cost of this crisis is paid by the working class, laborers, women, youth, immigrants, refugees, in short, by oppressed people. In the face of these impacts, the wave from the grassroots is slowly rising to the surface. Despite all the repression and pandemic restrictions, the masses shout that they will not pay the bill for this crisis. The imperialists separatist, repressive, militarist policies. Undoubtedly, it is no coincidence that the governments that came to power in most of the European states in recent years are right-wing, racist governments, and the footsteps of fascism can be heard. With the newly enacted “security laws”, even democratic acts for rightful claims are attacked by the police using excessive force; people are arrested, associations, homes, workplaces are raided under dubious pretexts .. It is no secret that these acts were was organized .. In a society that is silenced, suppressed, militarized, obedient, submissive it is easier to implement oppressive policies and create an atmosphere of fear. On the other hand, although the contradictions between the imperialists emerge from time to time, they can act together in attacks against the working class and laborers. For example, R.T. Erdoğan and his AKP + MHP coalition policy of extermination of the Kurds, regardless of their status or whether they live within or outside the borders of Turkey, affects all aspects of their lives, including economic and cultural. These policies and methods used to implement them have been developed with the assistance of imperialist powers.

Most of the weapons he has used in these massacres were bought from Germany and France. In the first three months of 2021, Germany has permitted arms sales to Turkey worth 8,975,504 Euros. Thus, with wars in some places, and racist, right-wing policies built on fear in some regions, the society is split and divided. To the street on May 1st! In the face of the attacks by the imperialists in all places today, it is imperative that the progressive revolutionaries unite and join the struggle. As TORONTO KURDISH COMMUNITY CENTRE on this May Day, when we meet in the shadow of the pandemic nightmare where everything is getting more difficult, we call on the working class and laborers, anti-fascists and anti- capitalists, to join the struggle against imperialist attacks and to shout once again that we will not pay the bill of the crisis. CAPITALISM IS KILLING; SOCIALISM AGAIN! LONG LIVE MAY 1! LONG LIVE UNITY, STRUGGLE, VICTORY! trying to keep the anger of the masses under control by implementing their racist, patriarchal, Womrs CENTRE


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