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To : Unnamed Heroes of Shengal

Sleep and wakefulness on the ground between the rays, the sun’s rays through my eyelashes, smiling wickily andt that ” hello” to me, completely woke me up. However, we children were accustomed to a little lie to the sun to laugh and mischievous. The sun wakes me every morning because I have no mother, or no one can wake up before my mother. Even this light-faced sun. I woke up so desperate when I stretched out the light from my long eyelashes to my pupils and started caressing my pupil. I would love to take a sniff to the sun and turn my back, but that was no longer possible. He had sunlight all over my body. Though I didn’t complain about myself, the warm sunshine was  in the cool of the morning. It must have been a beautiful day today, so the sun is particularly interested in me. So I decided to surrender my body, my soul to the sun. As soon as I opened my eyes, I started making love to the light of the sun. I knew that when he put the first kiss on my cheek and grabbed my face. Have you ever had sex with the sun?

Did you take all the light into your body by gazing into your eyes? Have you opened your arms to the sky and united with the holy light of God? The sun is our bright face. All the darkness, the evil stubborn to light the world and that light is our source of life. Every light is made up of millions of particles of light and every morning we breathe those light particles like all humanity. A lot of people breathe it but don’t know what it means. He doesn’t understand what kind of life is donated to him. However, as soon as the Yazidi children open their eyes to the first life, their eyes know that life, light and enlightenment are not worth the sun, but that it is to integrate with nature and that it is called free life. Freedom is within our limits, not within us, but freedom is proportional to the light filled with us. I thought how beautiful it was to sip freedom and breathe freedom.

He happily opened his eyes. Life was bright and the sun blessed us with its first light. Why would we be scared now? All the darkness in which the sun’s rays are dispersed and dominates the bright earth. Today the sun is like another born, today the sun is dancing with me another. You won’t believe me, but he’s dancing with sunlight and holding me like a lover. I am in the lights, all the light of the world has gathered here on me as if this is a happiness? For the first time in my life, I’d say I’m so happy. Yeah, a mother’s arms now. I am a Yezid of Shengal. I haven’t reached the age of bull yet. My breasts are not morilated. I wouldn’t lie if I said everybody adored my eyes. Although I do not have a branch height, I am thin and tall.

maybe a few more years. Though I don’t know what I’m telling them and why I think I’m going to grow taller. I just woke up. It’s been a few minutes since I opened my eyes. Look, I didn’t tell you in vain that today would be a great day. Tonight I was sleeping sweetly and suddenly I found myself in my mother’s lap. Warm, loving and amber smelling. As long as my mother embraced me with a longing I’m in sweat. My face is in my mother’s chest and my mother kisses me. I miss the mother above God. I’ve forgotten how many years I haven’t seen my mother. I didn’t know what happened to him and now I found myself sleeping on his lap with his arm in his chest. Everything is so beautiful and so incredible that it takes a miracle to be true. Many people have seen what miracles the guerrillas do, but I haven’t. They saved hundreds of prisoners, and they could save my mother.

But like this while I’m asleep in my arms making love with the sun … What happened I found myself in the lap of my mother I do not remember it yet. I did not know whether I was captured in ISIS or my mother survived. Or I was going to say that I don’t know if the two of us came together in another world, and my stupid mind came to me and I slept. So it was a dream .. Still, if I say I’m happy and I’m very happy I would not lie, because I have not seen my mother in the hands of ISIS captive even in my dreams. However, if I say that I don’t have an hour or a minute that I don’t think about it, I can’t lie. Even in moments of duty, he stands in a frame adorned with a scarf in front of my left eye like a picture. No matter what assignment is given, I never fail. I am aware of the fact that the task of accomplishing the task, the success of that task, brings the liberation of many Ezidi women like my mother and mother. Hundreds of women and girls are currently being raped, beaten or tortured, and I’m sure as much as I’m sure after me and Meleké Tavus.

So don’t get me wrong, I don’t confuse tasks while thinking about my mother, I’m emotional, on the contrary, she wraps around her with four hands, kissing me in the eyes of my mother with enthusiasm and running around like an ant. I try to escape from my mother’s work, so how did I get rid of my mother? Think about it, I just can’t think of it. Actually, I can’t think of anything right now. I get a little more to my mother, but my mother’s arms are cut ice and suddenly disappear and I’m sitting in a pit on my head with my arms hanging to the side. It’s like I’m frozen. I’m getting hot water coming out of my head. I’m taking my hand to my head, an iron stuck to the left side of my head and blood is leaking from there. He’s like a curious kid than a scared, startled kid. I’m in a deep hole. I have comrades lying on my left and on my left like me. Some are worse than mine. Some of the arms, some of the legs, some of the body completely broken. The situation of the wounded is deplorable. And those voices are the apocalypse. Explosions, continuous bursting sounds. For the first time he hears a sound, and that’s just the explosion. Interestingly, I am neither afraid, excited, nor able to react. However, I was one of the first ranks in the KDP attack. In order not to use a weapon against my brother without a gun. But not now, I can intervene, watch idols, and tell only what goes through me. How much I can do it, or can I do it. Or is my mind playing small games with me? I do not know. Like I said, just like a curious kid, I’m sorry, I forgot,

Not like a guerrilla boy.

A guerrilla three days and ten days. Although I did not even put in a conflict, no more guerrilla. They didn’t give me a gun like a man until two weeks ago, our minds came to the gas of the Turks and attacked my beautiful Shengal. I’ve been in trouble with self-defense. Where is my weapon, why am I in the pit, why the sun darkens. This pit, or did the bombs go off on us? The sun has left us for it is shouting what these shouts. I’m bruised all over me. That’s why I’m bleeding. We were just dancing with the sun, why did he leave me? I need to take a deep breath and calm down. Whatever happened. I can’t change anything, but I can testify to everything. My eyes are open, my heart is open and my mind is open. In the name of Melek Tavus, I will say that there is wisdom in everything. One of the passengers spoke about me sadly as he passed by. Not like someone who looks after the medina, but as an orphan in Shengal. He took the words out of his pocket and walked to the bottom of the wall, wiping out his old watered eyes, roasting his face from the sun and roasting to the bottom of the wall. His old eyes were now shining like the sun. Reeds in hands, words in heart. She was medium tall with slightly grizzled hair and black eyes. He refrained from staring at me. It was mostly examining the wounds on my body.

He looked for a few minutes and jerked off. He collapsed on the ground with his head in his two palms. I liked the drooling cry. For the first time anyone I didn’t know, except my comrades, was crying for me. This is the first time I’ve seen it with my eyes that I think it’s more accurate to say someone cries for me. Who knows how many more hearts did not rely on this rag into my body turned into … After a few minutes of shaking cry Ozan as if nothing was up and his heart stood up and began to interspersed with words like a rose. Each word began to echo like a note, every note like the last bullets of a rebellion. At that moment the sun shone so much that it was blind to the eye. A thousand tones of the dazzling sun started to turn around me, dancing with the melody. What a wonderful thing, came to my mind came from my childhood that I could not live at that moment … You do not know that you start with the sunrise raks of words. Children brewed in sweet lullabies With the first sun they open their eyes and start laughing.

Their sinfulness, sinful gaze stubborn. They look at the sun. Stubborn to your warmthey hug tightly to their mothers. Mothers kiss them first, then the sun. And they blink as they leave the Sun.

The sun has already embarked on them. Mis scents in the morning sun has wrapped the hearts of the children The morning sun has wrapped in the hearts of mothersEverything else and before everyoneAfter it starts lifeWe play with words Sometimes they play a single castleSometimes a lullaby becomes a lullaby the word becomes a lullaby words on the outskirts of KaracadağDengbejin tears flow drop by drop ŞengaléPreviously the sun warms the hearts then the wordsand then the sentencesThe birds dance with the sun. Our naughty stony streets are set up in the shadows we borrowed from the clouds, our tents are the bare feet that everyone looks at with envy, we are bare children We are the children of God and all mankind…

Since the hearts of our mothers have been oil lamps, the fourteen-year-old girls have been pulling our zılvdlarımız. entering into a street is the hero of the little bird heartsLover of the little princesTale heroesThere are no more whispersTolded tales between the streetsDengbejin language of the wowEvery morning in the streets of Laleş sun rise the sucker


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