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Syriac organizations rejects Turkification

Syriac organizations rejects Turkification

 Syriac organizations have concluded their vigil activities, to demand an end to the Turkish occupation and stop its settlement project in the occupied territories.

 The Syriac Union Party concluded its vigil by calling for an end to the Turkish occupation of northern and eastern Syria, stopping its settlement project in the occupied areas, ensuring the safe return of the displaced and refugees to their areas with international guarantees, and activating the political solution through UN Resolution 2254.

 Under the slogan “No to the aggressive Turkish state policies against the peoples of the region”, the Syriac Union Party, the Syriac Women’s Union and the Syriac Progressive Youth Union organized a protest sit-in on Thursday in front of its headquarters in the Al-Wusta neighborhood of Qamishlo city.

 In addition to the Syriac Assyrian parties, organizations and institutions, the Democratic Society Movement (TEV_DEM), the Legislative Council in the Jazira region, political parties in the region and the Metropolitan of the al-Jazera and the Euphrates, Mar Maurice Amsha attended the tent.

 The activity began on its second day with a minute of silence, then a member of the Democratic Society Movement, Hawker Muhammad delivered a speech in which he said: “All the policies and crimes that are committed against all peoples and in different regions in front of all the world, and the silence continues about them, we condemn the attacks of the Turkish occupation on the mountains of Kurdistan and northern and eastern Syria.

 For his part, speaking on behalf of the leadership of the Syriac Military Council, O’Neil Youssef, said: “Today’s stand in order to unite at this sensitive stage in the face of the policies of the Turkish occupation state aimed at ending us and striking our gains under the AANES.”

 For her part, a member of the Syriac Union, Elizabeth Gaweriah, gave a speech in which she said: “We salute our people’s institutions and organizations on the occasion of the vigil that was held in northern and eastern Syria against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. This stand you showed the will and status of our people and the extent of their connection to the value and blood of its martyrs.”

 In turn, Mar Maurice Imsa, Metropolitan of the Jazira and Euphrates, said: “This tent is a message of love and peace, and it indicates our survival and our adherence to each other, and no one can expel us from our land.”

 The bishop stressed, “We are against any conspiracy targeting the Syriac Chaldean, Christian and Assyrian component, whether it is in the Nineveh Plain in Iraq or on the border line usurped by the Turkish occupation, and its attempt to change the demography of the region.”

 The stand was concluded with the statement to the public opinion by the official of the organization, the Syriac Women’s Union in Syria, Ilham Matll, in front of the sit-in tent.

 And it stated: “In recent years, the Turkish occupation state has practiced many violations and crimes in northern and eastern Syria, directly or indirectly, through extremist, takfiri and terrorist organizations, as its aggressive policies towards the peoples of the region in general and the Syriac-Assyrian people and Christians in particular were still are, as they were displaced from their occupied areas by Turkey and the factions associated with it, just like the rest of the other components.

 The statement continued: “Turkey’s project is to create a safe area as it claims on the entire border strip in northern Syria, and this is what makes many areas under threat and under military strikes, as civilians and soldiers are targeted from Derek to Kobani.”

 The statement pointed out: “We Assyrian Syriac parties and institutions are aware that there is a scheme for Turkey that extends from Syria to Iraq and its military operations in these areas, which will bring great harm to the peoples of the region, especially the Assyrian Syriacs, Kurds, Armenians and Yazidis.  The historical identity that Turkey is working on by exploiting the Syrian refugees it has and resettling them in areas from which its original people have been displaced.

 The statement stressed: “The peoples of the region, including the Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Assyrians, and others, have participated in the project of Autonomous administration of the North and East Syria, and together they fought terrorist groups and were taken care of by ISIS through the Syrian Democratic Forces, and this administration and its people are directly threatened today through aggressive Turkish plans and striking the will of  peoples and their achievements thanks to the blood of thousands of their sons.”

 The statement continued: “We condemn and denounce all the hostile Turkish policies towards us and all of its actions that are classified as war crimes and crimes against humanity, and we reject all its policies that it practices in demographic change and the policy of Turkification followed in all the occupied territories, and we affirm our determination to stand side by side with all democratic forces and components in front of all  Threats, challenges and great dangers that threaten our existence on our historical land.

 The statement called on the international community to work to “stop Turkish military operations against the Autonomous Administration areas in north and east Syria, which create a state of continuous conflict and tension that causes civilians to be intimidated and displaced from their areas, as well as the Khabur area, which has the speciality of our Syriac Assyrian people, where military operations contribute to the displacement of the rest of our people in  This area, stopping the construction of settlements in the occupied areas, ending the occupation and securing the return of the indigenous people to their areas under international supervision and guarantees, and making efforts to activate the political solution through UN Resolution 2254 and ensuring the safe return of all displaced Syrians and refugees to their areas – Providing the necessary support for the Autonomous Administration of North  and eastern Syria in all fields (political – military – economic and reconstruction), in addition to calling for the assistance of the Assyrian and Yazidi Syriac people in the Nineveh Plains and Sinjar regions and supporting their self-administration within the laws of the Iraqi constitution.




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