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Since beginning of this year… 33 children and about 21 women killed , injured in Turkish occupation attacks

Since beginning of this year… 33 children and about 21 women killed , injured in Turkish occupation attacks

​​​​​​​ The attacks of the Turkish occupation state on the districts of Zarkan, Ain Issa and Tal Tamr, since the beginning of 2022, have killed and wounded 33 children and about 21 women, while the human rights organization in Al-Jazera region confirmed that the fact-finding committees do not directly condemn Turkey’s crimes of the Turkish occupation.

The “Zarkan and Tal Tamr” districts of Hasakah canton in Al-Jazira canton, and Ain Issa district of Girê Spî canton in the Euphrates region have been bombarded almost daily since the occupation of the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries Serêkaniyê, and Girê Spî during the attacks it launched on October 9  year 2019.

 Since the beginning of 2022, the Turkish occupation state has escalated its attacks on the areas on the lines of contact and directly targeted the populated villages, which resulted in the death of citizens, including children and women, and damage to citizens’ property.

 The attacks of the Turkish occupation on the areas of “Zarkan, Ain Issa and Tal Tamr” since the beginning of 2022 have caused the death of 9 children and the wounding of 24 others, some of which caused physical disabilities, and resulted in the death and injury of about 21 women, according to a statistic by our agency based on official data.

 4 children from one family were injured in Zarkan

 In Zarkan district, the Turkish occupation attack caused the injury of 4 children from one family in the village of Al-Asadiya. They are Baraa Mahmoud Al-Zaher (16 years old), Narges Mahmoud Al-Zaher (15 years old), Shafak Mahmoud Al-Zaher (9 years old), and the relative of the family, Enas Ismail Al-Khalaf.  (17 years old).

 killing and wounding of 33 children and about 21 women

 In Tal Tamr district, the bombing of the village of Umm al-Khair by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries resulted in the death of a woman.

 Meanwhile, the Turkish occupation’s bombing of Ain Issa, went on on a daily basis, resulted in the death and injury of 33 children, and among these children, the bombing caused the amputation of their limbs.

 The number of women who were killed and injured as a result of the attacks of the Turkish occupation reached about 20.

 “The Turkish occupation’s attacks on northern and eastern Syria have not stopped despite the ceasefire agreement reached by the guarantor parties in Syria after Turkey’s occupation attack on Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî in 2019,” explains the administrator of the Human Rights Organization, Avin Juma.

 She added, “The majority of the victims are children and women from families who live in villages on the front line, who are exposed almost daily to crimes against them, not to mention the state of instability they live in. These attacks have caused the displacement of dozens of families from their homes.”

 Keep silent!!

 The administrator of the Human Rights Organization, Avin Juma, indicated that the violations and war crimes committed against the citizens take place in full view of the international forces present in the region, which were witness to the signed ceasefire agreements, and said: “Everyone is silent about the violations that are taking place.”  .

 With regard to the party that receives documents relating to the crimes committed by the Turkish occupation against citizens in north and east Syria, Juma clarifies that the crimes committed against citizens are documented by the organization.

 The Human Rights Organization in Al-Jazeera region is working to deliver these documents and files to human rights organizations and international courts in order to pressure the Turkish state to stop its crimes and hold the perpetrators accountable, according to what the organization’s administrator, Avin  Juma, reported.

 According to her, the files of the war victims are attached to the medical certificates and reports that prove the condition in which the injured arrived at the treatment centers, which confirms that the Turkish state and the “Syrian opposition” groups target the safe people.

 “They are sent to international fact-finding committees to deliver them to international courts despite the legal obstacles and difficulties regarding the mechanism for delivering these files to the courts and the mechanism for accepting them as individual cases,” she said about the files.

 ‘The truth commissions do not condemn Turkish crimes’

 She stressed that the reports issued by the fact-finding committee “do not directly condemn Turkish crimes”, and elaborate on the clarification: “The fact-finding committees install files and add them to the periodic reports issued by them, and the crimes committed are condemned, but without direct condemnation of the Turkish state, which commits violations despite  of its actual participation.

 Attributing the reasons for not holding the Turkish occupation accountable for its interventions and violations in Syria to human rights and international organizations overlooking what is happening, and not putting an end to the crimes committed inside Syrian territory, which would encourage all perpetrators to continue committing them, and said: “The Syrian situation needs an actual solution.  and realistic.”

 The administrator of the Human Rights Organization in Al-Jazeera region, Avin Juma, called on the international community to recognize the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories, and to hold it accountable for its crimes.  safe Syrians inside their lands.

 It also called on human rights organizations and international forces active in the Syrian file to take a decision to end the ongoing war in Syria, withdraw all interfering forces in Syrian territory, and hold accountable all those who committed war crimes in order to achieve justice for the victims.


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