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Sancar: Why are children killed and thousands imprisoned if the Kurdish question is resolved?

Sancar: Why are children killed and thousands imprisoned if the Kurdish question is resolved?

Erdogan claims that the Kurdish question has been solved. HDP Co-Chairman Mithat Sancar rejects this and asks why thousands of politicians are still in prison and Kurdish children are being run over by armored vehicles.

At the first parliamentary group meeting after the parliamentary summer recess, HDP Co-Chairman Mithat Sancar sharply rejected Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan’s claim that the Kurdish question has now been resolved.

In his speech, Sancar first addressed the “Roadmap for Justice, Democracy and Peace” published last week by the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP). The groundbreaking position paper was developed together with the party base as part of the “We are the HDP, we are everywhere” campaign and, in addition to outlooks and goals for the HDP’s future strategy, also formulates an engaging account of the difficulties facing democratic forces in Turkey.

In addition, the roadmap contains constructive solutions for overcoming the crises and democratizing the country. As Sancar explained, the HDP has used the summer break to meet with people from all walks of life in villages, towns and cities in all parts of the country to discuss solutions to political, economic and social problems. Thus, he said, a new beginning has been made: “We are hopeful, determined, courageous, convinced and persistent.”

Regarding the threat of a ban on his party, Sancar said that the proceedings had been initiated in ignorance of the fact that the HDP was a “thought movement and power for change:” “We are intended to be intimidated through legal intrigues and policies of repression and violence, but these efforts are in vain. This is what our campaign has shown all summer. The HDP continues on its path with the strength, conviction and responsibility it gets from the people.”

The task now, he said, was to talk with the political opposition about the security of the coming elections and the transitional phase. Consultation topics range from building a decentralized democratic system to peace. “Because this is what Turkey needs and what the people expect. It is about changing the rotten system and freeing people from poverty and shame,” the HDP Co-Chairman said.

Kurdish question resolved in all dimensions?

Sancar remarked that the first parliamentary session after the summer break on October 1 started again with the denial of the Kurdish question: “We say that the Kurdish question is one of the main problems of this country. The head of the government and AKP chairman denied this issue in his speech. ‘We have solved the problem called the Kurdish issue from rights and freedoms to recovery with all dimensions’, he said. Therefore, I would like to provide clarification at this point with easy-to-understand simplicity. A year ago, the AKP chairman did not talk about solving the Kurdish issue in parliament. Only the other day, in Diyarbakir, he claimed that it was not he who had ended the solution process. In doing so, he both denied his own responsibility and admitted that there had been an unfinished process. This unilaterally ended process has continued with war politics, denial and annihilation. And now it is said that the Kurdish question has been solved.

So how is the problem supposed to have been solved within a year without anyone noticing? Why are thousands of elected politicians in prison? How is a solution supposed to be possible when a third of the electoral votes don’t count? Is the trustee administration a solution? If the Kurdish issue is resolved, then why are armored cars patrolling Kurdish towns and running over children?

Isn’t the war policy clear evidence of the government’s inability to find a solution? If a solution is really at stake, these armored vehicles have no place there. Instead, space must be created there for all identities to live together freely.”




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