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Joe Volpe

TORONTO – A new religion – the sexualization of civic and human rights and obligations – appears to be clouding people’s judgement everywhere, eroding the concept of moderation and suffocating freedoms of thought and expression which are at the heart...
TORONTO – “Che vergogna!” How disgusting; how embarrassing; how disrespectful; how shameful – take your pick of the translation. That was the response of one writer on our editorial board when we looked at the TCDSB Assistive Technology Website, Connections...
This is the comment of the Editor, Joe Volpe, published in the Corriere Canadese on the eve of Canada’s official apology to the Italians interned during the Second World War. TORONTO – Prime Minister Trudeau will rise in the House...
TORONTO – Where do they go from here? Graeco-Roman and Judeo-Christian societies for millennia have explained the need for caution with metaphors revolving around the expulsion from the Garden of Eden and the opening of Pandora’s box. At their centre...
TORONTO – How odd. Thanks to the nonsensical, even inane musings (but they are done with passion) of trustees in Catholic school boards, the real Human drama of life is taking place within the Catholic Church. It’s the stuff of...
It is frankly of little concern to me personally how, if or on what Bishop Crosby’s views differ from the Vatican’s official views on Catholicism. He does not return phone calls or respond to email questions from press like ours. We are a secular newspaper....
Pity the children. Sympathize with their parents, I thought, as I listened to the audio of the meeting of the trustees at the TCDSB, Thursday February 18. A contractor, commissioned to report on the state of ventilation systems in several...
TORONTO – In a crisis, there is always a reset, a reshuing of the deck (of cards). Covid-19 is the crisis of the day – everywhere and in all aspects of life – government, economy, education, ethics… the list goes...
TORONTO – Hypocrites and gamblers, last night (December 16) Toronto Catholic school trustees told the Archbishop of Toronto, Thomas Cardinal Collins, to “take a hike”. They are hoping no one will notice and no one will care to do...
TORONTO – In a letter to the Trustees of the Toronto Catholic District School Board (copy obtained by the Corriere Canadese and reprinted in November 19th’s edition), his Eminence was unequivocal and to the point: “Catholic faith must guide all who are...
Acting on Minister Lecce’s contentious (it may be a serious overstepping of jurisdictional authority) public demand that the Board release an investigator’s report on the Trustee Del Grande’s Code of Conduct issue, and following heated Board meeting ending at 2:30...
Pompous and ineligible as Catholic Trustee M de D attempts to ride Minister Lecce TORONTO – Markus de Domenico seems desperate to become the next Chair of the TCDSB, “by hook of by crook”, as the saying goes. No creed,...
“Conduct unbecoming”: Wynne’s tirade in the Legislature TORONTO – Please accept my apologies for any lack of clarity in my last column on the shambles known as the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). I referenced the number of registered...
By Joe Volpe TORONTO – Distraction. Diversion. Two of three words that ran across my mind as I sat through the parliamentary Committee’s hearing into the WE affair yesterday, July 28. The other was Deceit. I had the same sensation...
By Joe Volpe TORONTO – It is time to dust off your prayer book, if you are a Catholic school supporter in Toronto, and you are concerned about you child’s education or return to school strategies. I sat through a...
SI NEWS – TORONTO Thank you, Covid-19, your visit – happily, and seemingly, coming to a much-anticipated end – has laid bare the rot that lies beneath the surface of our institutions. We will be able to bid adieu to...
SI NEWS – TORONTO By Joe Volpe  What a lamentable process to select a “new player” in the game of determining the future of Canada. Call me Quixotic, but no parliamentary democracy can function without healthy – adversarial – debate....