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Last year was the 25th Aniversary and final production of The Collingwood Elvis Tribute Artists Festival.
This very  popular music event has been held in the last week of July and brought large crowd of people from all over the world to celebrate this huge musical icon, Elvis Presley who was dubbed The King Of Rock and Roll…
This and many other Festivals were organized as a tribute to His musical legacy…However…Collingwood Elvis Festival has been recognized as the world’s largest annual gathering of Elvis Tribute Artists and a Top 100 festival by Festivals and Events Ontario.

When Elvis was alive He often said…” no one will remember me two  years after my death”…What a surprise He would have if He came to Life almost fourty three years after His death on August 16th…

So…Who was  Elvis Presley,and why did so many want to become an Elvis impersonator ?

Elvis was born on  January 8th, 1935..His Mother Gladys gave birth on that day to twin boys in a humble two-room house  built by Her husband, Vernon.
The first Jesse Garon was stillborn, 30 minutes later Elvis Aron Presley arrived…Apparently the death of his Twin Brother Haunted Elvis His Whole Life…He also felt guilty about His Death…Perhaps this guilt played a role in Elvis’s loneliness that He felt ,and His later dysfunctional behavior…

Elvis ,who spoke of His Twin throughout His Life, grew up an only child in a poor family.He became the first member of His immediate Family to earn a High School Diploma…
Who would think that this humble boy who failed a music class, and  was considered quiet and an outsider, who  much later in 1954 auditioned for a gospel quarted named The Song Fellows,and was rejected… would become such an Icon in the history of music…

Elvis’s first recording was for His Beloved Mother…He paid  $4 dollars to Sun Studio for two songs -“My Happiness”and “That’s When Your Heartaches Begin “as a gift for a Mother that He was very much attached to…And subsequently launched His career…
He was called The King of Rock and Roll Even though He was not the first musician of this genre , He was the one who popularized the Rock and Roll and became the most famous in it..

His revolutionary and subversive style, his velvet sounding voice ,the low throaty vibrato ,and the exclusive sound, His charismatic stage performances, and sincere emotions made history in the music industry …Elvis didn’t just sing…,He became the music..He put beat into everything that He was doing on the stage. ..He made each song His own…,and made Audience go wild…”I was scared stiff “Elvis once recalled. “Everyone was hollering, and I didn’t know what They were hollering at”.That’s how humble He was…It was clear…They were hollering at Him ,as He was able to transport Audience with His electric physicality and God given voice, which ranged comfortably from baritone to tenor and above…His performances were a vehicle that was likened to a religious experience..To some people He was also the vessel of the Holy Spirit in His Gospel Songs that He loved to sing and listen to the most.Elvis believed that God had a special use for His voice, and that’s why He meditated 30 minutes a day to get the ego out of the way so God could speak through His songs.

People love Elvis not only for His Spirit ,Talent, and Charisma, but also for His legacy…He was a great, humble, kind,compassionate  and loving man…He Loved God,and He was open to all Religions of The World,and All Spiritual concepts… He Loved His Parents ,and He Loved People without prejudice…There was something very profound and magical about Elvis…Even after His Death some people feel His Magnificent Presence…There are a lot of written and spoken testimonials  for Us to believe that He is an Angel…Obviously He kept His promise as He sang in His song “I’ll Be There “…

A lot of People,men and women  want to become part of His essence by emulating Him as an  Elvis Tribute Artist..
He was flattered,and humbled  by the fact that so many people want to impersonate Him…However in one of His letters to a Fan who had won a Talent Show as an Elvis impersonator, Presley Congratulated Him and also urged Him to develop His own special talents and abilities…That did not change the truth that people all over the World were inspired by Him and wanted to become as The King…Even from the youngest to the oldest, male, female, nationalities Elvis Tribute Artist can be found.

Elvis is not just about the sideburns, or His provocative hip movements…It is about the Spirit He was channeling.

Elvis Tribute Artists throughout the World is a Proud Community whose role is to preserve the Legacy of Elvis, and to Cary on.

Collingwood ETA Festival, where thousands of people got together to pay Tribute to the One and Only Elvis Presley  was all about The King of Rock and Roll legacy.
The experience of Unconditional Love…,Peace…Joy…,  Grace, and Acceprance was overwhelming,and liberating.
It was a Great place, where all the Elvis Tribute Artists were able to share,to showcase, and to keep Elvis’s Spirit alive…It was True Magic.No wonder for many people was difficult to come to reality after this magnificent experience.
Without any doubts Elvis Spirit was Present there.

The Collingwood’s Elvis Tribute Artists Festival will be truly missed by many.

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