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We are on a second month of social distancing and self isolation amid the COVID 19..
As a matter of fact self-isolation has its roots in Ancient Times…People have been using various kinds of isolation to protect Themselves and Others, and to inspire moral and spiritual growth for centuries…

In a Modern Times Everyone is dealing with self-isolation differently…Some People found it very difficult, mentally and emotionally challenging…,and for some it’s a chance for a pause to think about the world ,and how They can make it better..For some it’s a chance to reconnect with Their inner self and going back to the roots of Their Soul…
This led me to contemplate on the plight of the live performing artist…So I asked a well known performing Artist for His opinion on this subject…
Peter Mathers is a Classical Guitarist  who performs and  teaches throughout the Toronto area and has recorded 8 CDs of original instrumental guitar based music that draws influences and inspiration from various styles of music ranging from Jazz, Latin, New age ,Pop ,Blues and classical genres In the wake of the current covid-19 pandemic I spoke with him and he related his perspective and ways of coping with the current isolation strategies that have been implemented by the Ontario government.He related to me that isolation was a thing that was not foreign or difficult for him as it has been part of his profession throughout his lifetime.He says that he realizes this is difficult for a lot of other people who have a job that does not require individual discipline in time while working on ones own. The downside of this shutdown and isolation is that many playing opportunities and teaching clinics have been postponed the upside being that there is more time left over for creative pursuits such as composing practicing and marketing. He also mentioned that a number of his friends are  doing lesson instruction virtually over the internet as well as Internet live performances on Facebook.He also related that another and very important psychological aspect of social isolation is retaining a sense of self-worth and identity which is very strongly tied to live performance and interaction with the public. He said his way of dealing with this is to constantly listen to recordings and watch videos of his performances and accomplishments.I asked him specifically where he drew inspiration for one particular composition of his called Sahara which has a very strong middle Eastern influence which he replied was from watching a movie called The Sheltering Sky or another song called Crete which has a very recognizable Greek feel to it which he said came to him after watching the movie Zorba the Greek.You can explore some of his music by visiting his website http://

Toronto Guitarist Peter Mathers Homepage

Peter Mathers – Toronto Guitarist. GREETINGS If you are seeking a solo guitarist,classical guitarist, flamenco guitarist, wedding guitarist, or a spanish guitarist,Toronto acoustic guitarist Peter Mathers musical diversity will fulfill your needs for your guitar wedding ceremony music,

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